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KYUT SKIN Oli Face Cleansing Sheet 20pcs

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Meet Oli, the Paper Facial Cleanser. An all-natural Dry Sheet Facial cleanser, formulated without any chemical preservatives and uses natural scent.

  • Qty: 20pouches
  • Type : Face Cleanser in Paper form


  • Remove Light Makeup and SPF.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin and all skin types.
  • Zero Chemical Preservatives.
  • Natural Fragrance.
  • Activated with water.
  • Lightweight, ideal for traveling and daily use!


Key Ingredients

  • Broccoli - Provide intense hydration and soothing effect. Advantage of being able to skin into the skin further.
  • Sea Kale - Brightening and treatening dark spots. As well as healing acne scars. Great for Anti Aging.
  • Centella Asiatica - Reducing redness & evening skin tone. Great for anti aging.


Why you'll love this?

  • Anti-aging: Lock in moisture after each wash.
  • Collagen Builder: Remove light makeup and SPF.
  • Antioxidant: For sensitive skin & all skin type.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Gentle formulation with zero chemical preservatives.

How To Use

  1. Remove a sheet of Oli from the pouch with dry hands.
  2. Wet the sheet gently with your palm of your hands.
  3. Lather the wet sheet gently between your hands to dissolve it into rich bubble foam.
  4. Gentle massage the lather onto your face.
  5. Rinse it off completely with lukewarm water. Make sure there's no residue left on your face.
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KYUT SKIN Oli Face Cleansing Sheet (20pcs) KYUT SKIN Oli Face Cleansing Sheet (20pcs) KYUT SKIN Oli Face Cleansing Sheet (20pcs) KYUT SKIN Oli Face Cleansing Sheet (20pcs) KYUT SKIN Oli Face Cleansing Sheet (20pcs)

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