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BALLR B2 Wash for Balls and Body 300ml

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BALLR B2 Wash for Balls and Body

The BALLR B2 Balls and Body Wash

The BALLR B2 Wash is a premium quality balls and body wash designed to provide you with the ultimate grooming experience. Infused with over 30 high-quality natural ingredients, the B2 wash has been formulated to care for your skin, particularly in the most intimate areas.

6 key active ingredients :
  • Activated charcoal powder - unclogs pores, removes toxins, and dead skin cells
  • Sandalwood oil - promotes a smooth and healthy-looking complexion.
  • Tongkat Ali - Antioxidant that helps protect the skin against bacteria
  • Ginger root oil - strengthens the skin barrier and protects against environmental stressors
  • Panax ginseng extract - fights tiredness and reduces inflammation.
  • Cactus extract - provides excellent hydration, helping to heal the skin and leave it feeling refreshed.
Key Features
  • No Parabens
  • No SLS
  • Cruelty Free
  • Made in Malaysia
  • 300ml
  1. Massage liberally all over your body, including the butt and odour-prone areas around the groin
  2. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry, leaving the shower feeling rejuvenated
  3. The BALLR B2 Wash is easy to store and can be kept in a dry place, away from direct sunlight or heat sources.
Here are some tips on how to keep your balls clean and fresh
  • Thoroughly cleanse every area, including creases and folds
  • Shave or trim the hair in the ball area on a regular basis
  • Pat the ball area dry after cleaning it with a clean towel
  • Choose breathable underwear
  • Avoid rubbing vigorously to avoid friction and discomfort


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BALLR B2 Wash for Balls and Body BALLR B2 Wash for Balls and Body BALLR Balls and body wash picture BALLR B2 Wash for Balls and Body 300ml

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