imbz Anti Hair Loss Tonic 100ml


  • Anti-dandruff
  • Strengthening Growth



imbz Anti Hair Loss Tonic

Introducing our imbz Anti Hair Loss Tonic – a no-nonsense solution to tackle dandruff and upgrade your hair care routine. Powered by Crinipan® PMC Green, this specialized ingredient means business by putting a stop to the growth of Malassezia, the culprits behind those irritating scalp flakes.

Our Hair Tonic is a straightforward and a dynamic trio of Crinipan® PMC Green, Basil Leaf Extract, and Peppermint Extract – a simple yet effective solution for a scalp that’s not just dandruff-free but revitalized, stronger, and healthier. Unleash the power of nature on your hair, and let this trio transform your locks into a crowning glory!



  • Anti-dandruff
  • Strengthening Growth


Active Ingredients 

Crinipan PMC Green -Significantly reducing dandruff, supporting a healthier scalp microbiome, providing additional benefits like softer skin and shinier hair, easing detangling, and helping lower sebum production.

Basil Leaf Extract – Adding to the efficiency is Basil Leaf Extract, a nutrient-packed component that provides a solid foundation for your hair. Strengthening and nourishing, it ensures your hair is less susceptible to breakage, delivering a no-frills approach to optimal hair health.

Peppermint Extract – the cool operator in this formula. Aside from stimulating your scalp for healthier growth, it takes on dandruff and leaves your hair with subtly refreshing tingles. No unnecessary frills, just effective results.



  1. Message gently for 3 minutes using a circular motion.
  2. Use regularly to relieve itchiness and dandruff control.







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