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Cleansing Balm, Cleansing Oil: Which is a Better Fit for You?

Jun 27, 2024 COSMYTHS.Store

Imagine stepping into a world of skincare where every choice feels like a treasure hunt – exciting, but also a bit overwhelming. That’s how it can feel when you’re faced with the decision: cleansing balm or cleansing oil? Both promise to whisk away the day’s grime and makeup, leaving your skin fresh and clean. But which one is truly the hero your skin needs?

In this adventure through the world of skincare, we’ll uncover the mysteries of cleansing balms and cleansing oils. From their textures to their benefits, we’ll explore which one might be the perfect match for your skincare routine. So, grab your magnifying glass and get ready to unravel the secrets of radiant, glowing skin – it’s time to discover whether cleansing balm or cleansing oil reigns supreme!

What are cleansing balm and cleansing oil?

Imagine cleansing oil as a liquid superhero, ready to dissolve away makeup and dirt with just a pump. It’s like a magical potion in a bottle, effortlessly melting away impurities to reveal clean, refreshed skin.

On the other hand, picture cleansing balm as a solid superhero, resembling a luxurious buttery texture in a tub. It often comes with a handy spatula for scooping out just the right amount. Think of it as a gentle giant, melting into your skin to whisk away makeup and grime, leaving behind a soft, supple complexion.

Here’s the fascinating part: both balm and oil cleansers share a common ingredient superpower – natural oils! These superhero oils work together to break down makeup and cleanse your skin without stripping away its natural moisture. So whether you opt for the liquid magic of cleansing oil or the comforting embrace of cleansing balm, you’re treating your skin to a nourishing cleansing experience.

How cleansing balm and cleansing oil work

Imagine your skin as a canvas, and cleansing balm and oil as the master painters, ready to wipe away the day’s masterpiece. They work their magic by dissolving excess sebum, makeup, and other pesky impurities, turning them into a gentle, rinse-able solution. It’s like waving a wand and watching the dirt disappear!

Now, here’s where things get interesting: the major difference between cleansing oil and balm is their texture. Picture cleansing oil as a silky river flowing effortlessly over your skin, whisking away impurities as it glides. On the other hand, think of cleansing balm as a cozy blanket, gently melting into your skin to lift away makeup and grime with its luxurious buttery texture.

Cleansing balm: Pros & Cons


  1. Targets Specific Skin Needs:
    Cleansing balms offer a unique three-in-one benefit. They start as a creamy texture, then transform into a silky oil as you massage them onto your skin. Once water is added, they turn into a milky emulsion, effortlessly rinsing away dirt and makeup. Plus, they’re tailored to address specific skin concerns like hydration, oil control, or resurfacing.
  2. Easy to Travel With:
    Cleansing balms are your skincare sidekick on-the-go! Their solid form makes them easy to pack without worrying about spills or leaks, ensuring your skincare routine stays intact wherever your adventures take you.
  3. Efficiency Boost:
    The more you massage and emulsify the balm, the more makeup it removes! It’s like a gentle cleansing dance that leaves your skin squeaky clean and glowing.


  1. Takes a Bit More Effort:
    Using a cleansing balm requires a bit of time and effort. You’ll need a few extra minutes to massage it onto your skin and properly rinse it off. Plus, you might want to use a fresh cleansing cloth to ensure all traces of makeup are removed, adding a step to your routine.
  2. Might Feel Heavy:
    While cleansing balms provide a layer of hydration, which is fantastic for dry skin, it might feel a bit heavy for those with oily skin. It’s like wearing an extra cozy sweater on a warm day – comforting but not always necessary for everyone.

Cleansing oil: Pros & Cons


  1. Great for All Skin Types:
    Picture cleansing oil as a gentle wave washing away the day’s grime – it’s suitable for all skin types! Unlike cleansing balms, which leave behind a layer of hydration, cleansing oils rinse away cleanly, making them a versatile choice for everyone.
  2. Fastest Option:
    When it comes to whisking away makeup in a flash, cleansing oil takes the crown! With just a few circular motions, it effortlessly dissolves makeup, leaving your skin feeling clean and refreshed in record time.
  3. Convenient Packaging:
    Cleansing oils typically come in pump bottles, which are like magic wands for skincare! These bottles help prevent exposure to air, keeping the formula fresh and potent for longer periods compared to cleansing balms.


  1. Not Travel-Friendly:
    While cleansing oils work wonders for your skin, they’re not the best travel companions. Their liquid form means there’s always a risk of spills and airport inquiries, which can be a hassle when you’re on the go.
  2. Potential for Breakouts:
    Since cleansing oils stay in oil form, they can leave a residue behind if not rinsed thoroughly. This residue might clog pores and lead to breakouts for some individuals, especially if your skin is prone to sensitivity or acne.
  3. Overly Thorough for Small Jobs:
    Cleansing oils are like thorough detectives when it comes to removing stubborn makeup and sunscreen. However, for minor touch-ups or light makeup days, they might be a bit too powerful.

Bottom line

In the end, it all comes down to what you prefer and your makeup habits. If you like the feel of creamy balms or the smoothness of oils, that’s what matters most. Think about how much makeup you usually wear – heavy or light – to decide which one suits you best.

But here’s the thing: both cleansing balm and cleansing oil are great additions to your skincare routine. They work together to give your skin a thorough cleanse, leaving it fresh and ready for anything.

So, whether you’re all about balms, oils, or a mix of both, adding them to your routine is a win-win for your skin. Here’s to clearer, happier skin with every wash! 

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