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The Pastels Shop X AEON Wellness: Exclusive Product Launch

May 17, 2024 COSMYTHS.Store

Shah Alam, January 13, 2024 — The Pastels Shop, a beacon of excellence in Malaysian skincare, proudly launched its latest ‘Safe, Potent & Transparent’ skincare line in collaboration with AEON Wellness on January 13, 2024, at 2:00 PM. Held within the vibrant walls of the Center Concourse of AEON Mall Shah Alam, the launch featured a captivating ribbon-cutting ceremony. They made history by being the first in hosting a big-scale ribbon-cutting ceremony for a locally produced brand. 

The event saw an illustrious guest list, including Ms. Low Ngai Yuen, Chief Merchandise & Marketing Officer, and Mr. Wilson Lim, Head Of Wellness, representing AEON Wellness. SIDEC was represented by Mr. Loo Chuan Boon, Chief Operating Officer (COO); Mr. Ahmad Salman bin Ahmad Fua’ad, Assistant Manager, E-commerce Division; and Ms. Dania binti Zainuddin, Manager, Corporate Communication Division.

Certainly, representing The Pastels Shop were its visionary leaders, including Puan Sarini binti Zainal, CEO & Founder; En. Muhammad Shazni bin Mokles, Director; and Dato’ Prof. Ir. Dr. Hassan Basri, a distinguished shareholder and Emeritus Professor in UKM Engineering Practice.

TCT Nutraceuticals was well-represented by Mr. Toms Wu, Mr. Taevin Teh, Mr. Azreen, and Mr. Sean Hoh. Last but not least, DKSH had a strong presence with Ms. Shervonne Lim Jia Jia and Mr. Stephen Kua Kai Zhe.

The Pastels Shop brings change to Malaysian skincare industry

Crafted by dedicated chemists, The Pastels Shop’s skincare line is meticulously formulated for the unique Malaysian skin type and weather. The tagline, ‘Safe, Potent & Transparent,’ reflects the brand’s commitment to providing skincare products that are not only effective but also transparent in their ingredients.

With 58 AEON Wellness outlets across Malaysia, this venture ensures widespread accessibility to locally crafted skincare tailored for the Malaysian climate. The Pastels Shop also achieved an impressive milestone by claiming the title of the No. 1 Best Selling water-based sunscreen on TikTok, with a remarkable sales record of over 30,000 units in the past year alone. This achievement underscores the brand’s popularity and effectiveness in meeting the diverse skincare needs of Malaysians.

Promising affordable personal care for Malaysians

Puan Sarini binti Zainal, the Founder of The Pastels Shop, emphasizes the brand’s commitment to affordability. She elaborates on what’s setting The Pastels Shop apart from others in the industry. 

In her own words, she states, “Our standout quality is the affordability of our products, which I believe sets us apart. Unlike many brands that opt to increase prices upon entering drugstores to maximize profits, our approach is different. We are committed to maintaining reasonable prices by collaborating closely with manufacturers and optimizing production volumes to reduce costs.” 

This quote underscores The Pastels Shop’s dedication to providing high-quality skincare without compromising on affordability. Consequently, this will ensure that their products remain accessible to a wide range of consumers.

Fulfill your The Pastels Shop needs now

Beyond the launch event, consumers can now acquire The Pastels Shop products conveniently at their nearest AEON Wellness outlet. This marks the continuation of a skincare journey tailored to the distinctive needs of Malaysian skin. Above all, The Pastels Shop represents a celebration of local innovation, accessibility, and the vibrant essence of Malaysian beauty. 

Contrarily, for those who may not have the capacity to visit physical outlets, The Pastels Shop extends its accessibility through online channels. Products can be conveniently purchased on our official website, COSMYTHS.Store. This allows everyone to unlock the secret to radiant and healthy skin with ease.

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