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Bakuchiol: A Gentler Approach to Rewind Time

Jun 21, 2024 COSMYTHS.Store

Bakuchiol, a rising name in the skincare industry. As the pages of time gracefully turn, an inevitable awareness creeps in – the realization that caring for our skin is a journey, not a destination. In the tapestry of life, especially during the middle-age years, wrinkles and fine lines weave their way onto the canvas of our existence, presenting a subtle yet persistent threat to the radiance of an aged lady.

Armed with the basics of skincare, many turn to the tried-and-true ally, retinol, in their quest to defy the hands of time. However, a growing issue of skincare enthusiasts has begun to raise concerns. Some find themselves facing an unwelcome duo – irritation and inflammation – as they tread the retinol path.

Fear not, for there exists a kinder, gentler alternative that promises to cradle your skin with care: bakuchiol. As we embark on this skincare journey together, let us unveil the secrets of bakuchiol, a soothing balm for those seeking an alternative route to timeless beauty.


Bakuchiol is like a magic potion derived from the seeds of a plant called Psoralea corylifolia, lovingly nicknamed “babchi.” This plant grows gracefully in the vibrant landscapes of India, where it has been a trusted sidekick in traditional Indian Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for ages.

Bakuchiol is a bit like the familiar retinoids, those champions in the skincare realm. It `plays a similar role by encouraging our skin to produce more collagen – the secret sauce for maintaining that youthful glow. However, bakuchiol does its magic with a gentle touch, minimising the risk of those pesky side effects that can sometimes come with other ingredients.

You can often find bakuchiol hanging out in serums and creams, often making friends with other botanical goodies like rosehip and seaweed. 

How it works 

Bye-bye Fine Lines and Dullness:

In a study in the British Journal of Dermatology, they discovered that Bakuchiol is a star at making those pesky fine lines vanish. It’s just as good as retinol, but here’s the kicker – it does the job without making your skin peel or burn. Imagine a smoother, brighter complexion without the drama!

Acne, Meet Your Match:

Bakuchiol doesn’t just stop at fine lines; it helps a lot with acne too! In a little test run, a cream with 0.5 percent bakuchiol worked wonders by reducing those red, angry pimples and making the leftover spots from past acne scar battles less noticeable. The cool part? This natural potion might be especially helpful for those of us with skin that’s rich in color.

However, scientists are still uncovering all the secrets Bakuchiol holds. The British Journal of Dermatology folks admit that there’s more to explore. Think of bakuchiol as a mystery waiting to be solved, but all in all a promising player in the skincare game that’s got everyone’s attention. 

Risks of Bakuchiol

Gentle, but Not Totally Drama-Free:

So, here’s the deal – Bakuchiol is like the chill cousin of retinoids, but it’s not entirely drama-free. There’s still a chance of your skin feeling a bit sensitive. You might see some redness, dryness, or a little stinging, especially when you’re just starting out. 

The Slow and Steady Approach:

To keep the drama at bay, here’s a golden tip: take it slow. Start with a gentle introduction – like hanging out with bakuchiol two or three times a week during the first week. See how your skin vibes with it. If all goes well and your skin gives a thumbs up, you can amp it up a bit.

Pregnancy Pause:

Now, if you’re dancing for two – pregnant, that is – there’s a little mystery around Bakuchiol. No one has sufficiently studied clinical trials to figure out if it’s safe during pregnancy. So, if you’re expecting, it’s time for a chat with your ob-gyn before using bakuchiol. Safety first!

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, Bakuchiol is like the cool, gentle superhero of skincare, ready to tackle fine lines and acne with a friendly touch. While it’s a kinder option than some other skin pals, there’s a chance your skin might give a gentle reminder with redness or dryness, especially at first. No worries, though – just ease into the friendship slowly, and your skin will likely get used to the new buddy.

Oh, and if you’re expecting, it’s a good idea to check with your doctor before inviting bakuchiol to the party. Skincare should be all about smiles and radiance, so take it easy, listen to your skin, and enjoy the journey to a happy, healthy glow with Bakuchiol by your side!


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